I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Part 2

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on January 20, 2012
Jan 202012

Photo shoots are very unique. Especially for ice cream. I found that it’s not one you can prepare for well in advance like the cupcake, cookie and cake bite photo shoot. It’s a photo shoot where you will have to stay on top of things, because things can melt really quickly. Thank goodness it was colder outside- it finally snowed. I ran out of room in my big freezer for the 20 lbs of ice- so my husband placed it in our front yard, next to the porch and then covered the bags with snow until I needed them. He’s brilliant!

We used the natural light from my kitchen- which was so bright, we started taking the photos in the living room…. then as the light moved throughout the 6 hour photo shoot, the table moved with it.

I had my sous chef, Stacy to assist in dish washing, ice cream removal and placement, and also our lunch picker upper. Thanks Stacy! I had a wonderful time with Marielle– I feel so blessed to have such a talented lady by my side- making my creations look mouth watering good.

Now, these photos were from my iphone. So they are not as great as what Marielle took…. but you see what my kitchen and home are like during the chaos of ice creams, toppings, and dishes.

I just love my little red table. It was the perfect spot to create these little masterpieces.

And Marielle is not afraid of heights. Good thing. Because she spent some time on top of the stools, and table.

My lunch. I had to include a picture. Its my favorite sandwich from The Village Baker.

We made our own confetti for this picture of The Cupcake. It’s so cheery and happy- ready for a party. I was surprised I knew right where my hole punch was.

And the Pina Colada. It was hard not to eat the entire thing right on the spot.

The Red Velvet ice cream cake. No words can describe how tasty this was.

And me with the Key Lime ice cream pie. I am smiling because we were almost done with the shoot. The end was in sight!

Last but not least, the Baked Alaska. It was our final picture of the day. It’s so pretty…..

And a closer look… the key to perfect meringue? Whisking the egg whites by hand. Thanks Stacy and Brian! It made all the difference.

I’m still worn out. But already thinking of book #5. You’ll be so happy with the brainstorming so far. I’ll share with you the title, as soon as I get the ok. You’ll be the first to know.

And in case you missed the giveaway, go here to enter to win my favorite ice cream scoop-

Happy Baking!

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