My new favorite place- Eurotreasures Antiques in Salt Lake City

I’ve never been this overwhelmed at a store before. 
I kept repeating the phrases, “holy cow,” “oh my goodness,”  and “are you kidding me?” There must have been 3,000 chairs upstairs- any size or shape you could ever want.

I’ll back up and start from the beginning. I’d seen this place as I would drive to KSL to be on Studio 5 every single time.  (It’s located on 6th South as soon as you exit the freeway) And every time, I’d be in a rush to get to the studio to set up. Then on the way home, I was usually heading to get my kids, or be somewhere else. So I never stopped. But mentally took note of the location.

Until I saw this post from Mandi Gubler from Vintage Revivals. Then of course I put it on my must do list.

(Side note: She passed it too…. on the way to Studio 5! How funny… great minds do think alike!)

The pieces are amazing, from small to large, inexpensive to outrageous. (I saw a piece for $5,000) But if you have the time and a good pair of shoes, you can go find some great things in your price range.

Now this store is not to be seen as a thrift store. These are antiques so you will be paying for them.

You can even find a box large enough to fit in! Peek-a boo!

Or the best shelf/crown molding you could imagine… I love the color. I’m still trying to decide where it would go in my house. The living room, perhaps?

I ended up getting a cute mirror for $45… it’s in great shape.

A few things I learned on my first trip to EuroTreasures Antiques.

1- Wear good shoes.
2- Take a friend. You will be able to laugh, cry and catch each other if you faint at the mere amount of treasures located in the warehouse.
3- Go on a day that it’s not 20 degrees outside. We froze. Literally. (Must wear gloves, and drink hot chocolate)
4- Take a camera or notebook to take photos of the things you want. Nothing has price tags. Write down where you saw the items.
5- Plan on at least 2 hours.

After I acquired my mirror, we headed to Gourmandise, The Bakery for hot chocolate and our traditional Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. A perfect way to end the day.

Can you see me smiling? Well, I was while I took this picture.

Then my plate was cleaned. I just couldn’t stop.

Here’s the beautiful mirror. I just had to be cleaned. I love that it’s from England (original store tag still there) and I love that I don’t have to do anything to it.

I will be going back, probably after the Holidays- I’m gearing up for the adventure right now! And saving some cash for the experience.