Out with the old, and in with the new.

It’s been a drippy kind of week. Our faucet has been dripping and making funny noises since before the ice cream photo shoot, about a month now, but it finally gave out this week. I opened the cabinet door to get the dishwasher detergent, and noticed the bottom of the box was wet. Wet? Not a good sign. I screamed for my husband- and started pulling EVERYTHING out from under the sink, and there was a lot of water.

We (I should say “he”) then proceeded to try to fix the faucet ( which is 18+ years old) and I tried to convince him just to get a new one. It’s faster and will look better. (not so 80’s inspired). So then backup was called, because the drip turned into a huge leak, which caused the water to be shut off completely. And for my kitchen, that’s all out horrible. No water? How will I bake? How will I feed my family? How will I survive?

The backup, a.k.a my dad- who is the son of a plumber- who knows every trick there is…. and who comes when we (I should say “he”) needs help, then convinced my honey that you really need a new faucet- fixing is not going to work. Go pick out a new sink and faucet (new faucet won’t fit the holes in the old sink) and we can install it. It should take 2-3 hours, tops.

So, I got to go to Standard  Plumbing Supply store- can you say overwhelmed?

I liked this sink. But I would need new kitchen cabinets. Not in the budget. Possible dream kitchen in the future.

My honey liked this one. Me, not so much.

How many faucets does one need to choose from? I finally narrowed down my choice. First faucet that caught my eye was $650. Seriously, there needs to be price tags on everything.

Yeah, like that is going to happen. So, I found this nice lady Elaine, and she helped me narrow down my choices. I really liked this brown sink.

I started texting my honey. I left him at home on purpose and he didn’t like the brown so much, but I loved it. What did I do? So I came home with the brown sick and new faucet (in price range).

After 6 hours of measuring, installing, pulling out, cutting counter top, Cafe Rio (thanks to my mom), reinstalling and several tweaks with the garbage disposal and pipes, the water is turned back on, and I have a beautiful sink, faucet and I am a happy mom and baker again. Thanks to my dad and my honey for making my life easier, and my sink more beautiful. With the amount of time I spend in my kitchen, I am so happy I have something beautiful to look at. So much so, that I don’t like the dishes to sit there for very long. I want to see the sink! Whatever it takes, right?

You know how projects snowball? Well, I now think I need a new counter top, and my cabinets touched up. Guess what’s on my list? Yeah, you guessed it. I’ve already had estimates and will be scheduling some more work in the coming months. I’ll post pics as they come.

Happy Baking and Remodeling!

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  1. So fun to get a new sink & faucet even if it is an emergency situation! We discovered water under our sink recently, but it was a cracked garbage disposal. We’re also building a new house & I chose that exact faucet that you love (that was $600), but it was just over $200 on Amazon, so we got it! Yay!

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