What I’ve been waiting for….

They say a little retail therapy goes a long way. I totally agree. In fact, even more retail therapy does wonders. And after working so hard on 101 Gourmet Ice Creams- I’d had enough… and had to get to the store, or should I say online….

I came across this blog and fell in love with her style. It’s fun, colorful (something I tend to shy away from) and girly. 

I’m not super skinny, and don’t think I’ll ever be a size 6.   But I’ve learned to embrace my body and buy clothes that fit and look beautiful.

I do admit, I go a bit overboard. But here are some fun things I am waiting for. It’s not baking, but another thing in my life that makes me smile, besides my sweet family. No pun intended.

This striped skirt  from my new online clothing crush, Dorothy Perkins basically called my name, after seeing something similar (the lady made it herself) on Pinterest. I can sew a straight line, but don’t call myself a seamstress. With a pink or teal cardigan, little belt, some fun shoes? And we shouldn’t be afraid of stripes. Thin stripes look good.

Some stylish red shoes, also from my favorite Dorothy Perkins. My favorite color. Red. Loved the bow. Loved the medium heel. Loved it all.

And last, but not least in any way. This beautiful tunic. I tell you that Dorothy Perkins is my new crush. But I loved the mid-section of this tunic. It’s a beautiful print, and should last from spring to summer.

Okay, the shopping is done. For now. I’ve gotten my retail therapy fix. Now if the package would just come already, I’d be happy.

Happy Retail Therapy!