Studio 5 and the winner is…

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Apr 302012

I’ll be on Studio 5 on May 2, 2012- updating a classic recipe. It’s become a family favorite. My kids beg me to make this for dessert- and believe it or not, it’s not that hard! Remember that little sneak peak of my next project/giveaway? In case you missed it, go here. Too late for […]

Simply Living Smart: Make your own Almond Milk

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Apr 272012
Simply Living Smart: Make your own Almond Milk

I’ve been a huge fan of Almond Milk- but not a huge fan of the price of Almond Milk. Simply Living Smart is a wonderful website and tool to that I use in my kitchen. I’ve been trying things out lately, like the pantry remodel with the help of Anitra…. she’s an organizing genius! And […]

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake (NEW)

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Apr 262012
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcake (NEW)

Look at these beauties! Since I am the food committee at our school ( so happy I am next year too) I made these for our wonderful teachers. They were super easy, and very gourmet if you know what I mean. My kids and I got a little carried away with the chocolate drizzle- but […]

A week with my sister….

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Apr 252012
A week with my sister....

Shoe Shopping= $120Lunch with the girls= Mom’s treatAquarium tickets for the family=$30Spending time with my sister= Priceless   (All the cousins- they’re getting so big!) Happy Baking!

Chorizo Potato Hash

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Apr 242012
Chorizo Potato Hash

I had these left over potatoes (never happens) and some Chorizo sausage in my freezer- so I decided to make a quick hash. My kids wanted eggs- I however just wanted a vegetable so a compromise came about. It was delicious. We ate every single bite! So full of flavor, and the crispy potato edges! […]

The next round of cookbook recipes begins….

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Apr 232012
The next round of cookbook recipes begins....

First- Don’t forget to watch me on Studio 5 this morning (channel 5, 11 am) I’ll be sharing my favorite Sweet Escape. And so it begins again- I missed baking. And so the next round of recipes has begun. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s been made so far. Still trying to come up with […]

My sweet escsape…. on Studio 5

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Apr 212012
My sweet escsape.... on Studio 5

Speaking of a sweet escape, heads up! I’m on Studio 5 Monday morning April 23rd sharing with you my “sweet escape.” (Doesn’t this table look like a sweet escape? I could hardly believe my eyes!) Here are some hints about my sweet escape- – I don’t make it.– It’s sweet.– I hide it from my […]

Under Construction…

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Apr 192012
Under Construction...

Please pardon our dust- and this time it’s not powdered sugar. We’re making some changes, and updating the site- so bear with us during this time of growing pains. There’s still some great recipes we’ll share. Stories we’ll tell. It will be great! Change is good. Happy Baking!