Don’t let your idea stay on paper….

Often I am asked about my journey and how I got to where I am today. A baker, an author, a mother and wife. How did it all start?

There are several things that come to mind.

First, I had a desire and passion for food. I love to explore new ideas and combinations of flavors. I love to share my recipes.

Second, I have a wonderful support system- my husband and kids, and family and friends. When the opportunity knocked on my door, I jumped in with two feet…. never looking back.

And finally, I wanted to finish the project- even if it wasn’t ever published, I wanted to see the cupcake book to the end. I wanted a completed project.

Here’s a great article from The Vocal Sokol– about me and what I would tell someone if they have an idea. Here’s my advice for the next step.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Thanks for the inspiring words Wendy 🙂 First time commenting on your blog I believe, but it is so motivational seeing ‘ordinary’ people doing extraordinary things and learning about the mentality and process behind the success. Sometimes it takes someone to remind you that you can do great things in life. I’m so happy you’re living your dream and you inspire me to keep doing what I love ~

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