Phase 1- The Kitchen Remodel

I love projects. In fact, I’m usually involved with at least 2 at a time, sometimes one being a cookbook. Last fall, I had my dad help me put this nice crown molding on the tops of my cabinets, fully intending to refinish the entire set of cabinets within a few months. Well, then came along the ice cream book. So much for the cabinet remodel. Or so I thought…..
One of the first things I loved about my home besides my front porch, was my kitchen. It’s pretty good size for the amount of square feet, and I loved the cabinets- cream with a light brown stain and bead board. Cute.
But after 8 years, and making 4 cookbooks- something had to change. The cabinets were getting tired looking, and then there was the molding that I had done, but never got around to finishing.

I did however, paint the house last month. See- I told you I love projects….. but knowing my ability in the cabinet painting arena, and knowing my time and patience was limited (currently working on book #5) I called Woodstock Finishing and made the date. They came highly recommended and I had personally seen their results- even at 3 years out. Still looking great!

First order of business was to empty out most of the kitchen. I was able to see things I had forgotten about- get rid of things I don’t use, and reorganize some much needed drawers and shelving space. Then the taping began- I was so glad I could watch and not have to participate.

I did however feel like my house was on the set of ET. Sheets of plastic hung from the ceiling to the floor to keep the dust to a minimum. And with the primer on, the cabinets already looked better. Fresh, new and up to date!

After the doors are installed today, I’ll mop my floors and show you the final pics. I can’t wait!

Phase 2- New countertops….. to be continued.