The Kitchen Remodel- Phase 1 complete

Remember this? It’s the before picture of the kitchen… I hate my white counter tops too…. but that’s the next phase.  

Here’s the molding once it’s been painted and glazed. Stunning.

I didn’t realize how much I am OCD when it comes to my kitchen until the door were off my cabinets for a week. But that’s a whole other story.

And the finished sink and stove area. It’s similar in color, the new paint is lighter and the glaze is darker. My husband didn’t want too much of a change, and since I wanted the kitchen lighter, the cabinets are now lighter too.

Up close with the door panels. Nice.

The other side. My kitchen is not the biggest, but I sure can do a lot with what I have. And yes, that is a dozen donuts on the counter. I had just gone grocery shopping with PMS and an empty stomach. Not a good idea.

I’m so happy with the change! Now- on to decide what counter tops to choose…. decisions, decisions.

Happy Remodeling!

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