The Nursery from a child’s eyes.

My second passion believe it or not is gardening. For mother’s day, I decided to get hydrangeas (my favorite flower) and I gave my 6 year old the phone to keep her busy, while I picked out my favorites. I didn’t realize she documented the whole experience. I thought it was pretty cool- what her vision of the experience was, so I am sharing it. It’s a non-baking theme for today.

Those are some pretty beautiful hydrangeas. (Don’t mind my double chin.)

Obviously, it’s a wet floor. Caution.

 Funny, cause I didn’t remember seeing those purple carts of flowers.

And the water features. Miss C was begging for me to get one. Like that’s going to happen any time soon. More water would be on her than in the fountain.

Pretty. I know some people don’t like petunias- but I love their vibrant color- even in the hottest months.

That knome is the same size as Miss C.

Yep- sure it. She found this little guy and wanted me to buy it- it reminded her of her “Pappy.” I’m such a sucker, I almost bought it too…

Happy Gardening!