These are a few of my favorite things….

 Posted by at 12:00 pm on May 12, 2012
May 122012

My cookbook bible for the moment- however I believe it will stay for a while. Lots of great recipes for yummy food- I’ll post some pics as I make my way through it. Hat’s off to Lisa Fain.

Beautiful blossoms from my tree- I simply couldn’t help but bring them inside to enjoy. They make me smile as I walk by my kitchen table.

Normally, I’d be mad to see that the grapes are all gone, and someone left the stems in the bowl. But at second thought, the fact that they are gone, it great. That means that my kids are making healthy choices for snacks.

The first great burger of the season- with Smoked Gouda cheese & pesto mayonnaise. Killer.

It’s spring and there’s murals on my driveway to prove it! This one is by Miss C. Can you tell it’s the world?

Happy Baking!

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