More about NYC… and some great gelato.

Loved visiting Trinity Church- close to ground zero. My husband loved this history of this place, and I loved the old bell, the old headstones and the hydrangeas.

Visiting ground zero was humbling and amazing at the same time. No matter what your beliefs or feelings are about the events that transpired on that ill-fated day, this place is sacred. Very sacred.

The new construction at ground zero. Awe inspiring to look up at that building.

The police horses are just as cool as I though they would be.

 My husband stood in the rain and wind for 1 1/2 hours to get us tickets to see Phantom. It’s the 25th anniversary year- and still one of the best Broadway productions around. This production of Phantom was by far my favorite I’ve ever seen. I still catch myself singing the show tunes.

There was a little place called Roastown Coffee near our hotel- and I loved their fresh fruit and this sushi roll was so yummy! A perfect meal on the go.

The cover of the new book! If you haven’t ordered your copy, you can do so here. It’s going to be out soon! I’ll be previewing the book on Studio 5, July 19th 11 am. Be sure to tune in!

 Signing at BEA- What a wonderful experience unlike anything I’ve ever had. It was great- especially when there was a line to meet me- who would have thought? I hope to go again next year- another great book is already in the works- but that’s another blog post.

Great shot of the streets….

And last but not least- a great Gelato bar… and on our last night, we treated ourselves as we walked back to the hotel to pack.

Mine was sooooo goooooood. Brian kept asking me for a taste- but he had his own. I wasn’t very sympathetic- I had the vanilla bean and chocolate chip. He had the mango and coconut.

Happy Traveling!