The Blue Lemon

The Blue Lemon- pure clean food with a twist. I know the name is a little different, but let me tell you about the food.

The sweet potato fries were to die for. They have a special sauce- better than your typical fry sauce, and the flavor satisfies your taste buds.

Their salads are fresh- much like you’d make at home… Brian especially liked the crisp veggies. (Note that I was the one who ordered the fries, and my much healthier husband ordered the side salad. Go figure!)

The best surprise of the meal was the Butternut Squash soup my mother-in-law ordered. She allowed us to have a taste. The perfect combination of sweet and savory. The homemade croutons were out of this world good! I’ll have to order this soup and a side of the sweet potato fries on my next trip.

The most expensive entree on the menu is less than $15, and that will get you the pan seared salmon.

To show you a little more about The Blue Lemon, watch this video:

Happy Baking!