Happy Birthday to Me!

I often get asked who makes my birthday cake?

The answer? My husband is in charge. And instead of making a cake (it would probably go down in history on cake wrecks…) he buys me something really yummy.

It’s traditionally been cheesecake- that is my favorite hands down treat ever…. until this year. For some reason he didn’t seem to care.

And the fact that I am pregnant and a little moody, and looking forward to the traditional cheesecake should have been an indication that cheesecake would have been PERFECT.

But this is what he got me.

She’s a beauty, right? Not cheesecake, but if there was a second place, this would be it. It’s a chocolate mouse cake.

My mom, dad and sister-in-law took to lighting the candles…. it was a dedicated task- no fire permits required yet.

And I got to make a wish… can you guess what it was? I’ll never tell. (I was able to blow out all the candles in one breath.)

Thanks honey for the yummy cake and making my day so special!

Happy Baking!

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