Our little garden

 Posted by at 12:00 pm on August 11, 2012
Aug 112012

Best garden conversation of the year…..

Brian- “Honey? What’s wrong with our tomatoes?” (he brings me a handful of our purple cherry tomatoes)

Me- “Nothing. They’re purple.”

Brian- “But I didn’t plant a purple cherry tomato vine. I planted a red one.”

Me- “It sure looks purple to me.”

Its always fun to have little surprises in the garden each year. Keeps things interesting around our house. We have a rhubarb that’s out of control, some sweet corn, 4 varieties of tomatoes, including the purple cherry, peppers, beets, peas, carrots, onions, asparagus, raspberry, cucumbers, and several zucchini plants. Tons of green beans- I’m picking almost 2 lbs daily!

Speaking of the zucchini plants, we had to plant one out front, as our dog Cupcake, keeps eating the blossoms…. who does that? I would have a bunch of flowers one day, then none the next day.

What did you plant in your garden this year?

Happy Gardening!

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