Caramel Apples

 Posted by at 6:00 am on October 25, 2012
Oct 252012

First, let me tell you about these great classes in making Caramel Apples offered at Orson Gygi. The next one is on November 1st… Go here to register for the class. Space is limited. But you will be so glad you did.

Second, here are some tips for making great caramel apples.

1- wash and dry your apples

2- use Peter’s Caramel. Better than the caramel you have to unwrap each piece, it lasts forever, and you can cut it with a knife and dip it in chocolate and sprinkle with salt. Easy dessert at your finger tips. Now back to the caramel apple tips.

3- Instead of using a typical stick, think outside the box and use twigs or pieces of a branch from your backyard tree.

4- Use a variety of add-ons. Our favorite are Kosher salt, crushed oreos, Reese’s Pieces, shredded coconut, mini chocolate chips, roasted peanuts, or even some chopped Snicker’s candy bars.

Happy Dipping!



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  1. Thanks Wendy! Love the stick idea!!!

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