A few cherished memories

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Jan 252013
A few cherished memories

While I was walking around Hobby Lobby trying to encourage some laboring, I collected these beautiful flowers in my cart somehow. I needed a little pick me up after taking Christmas down, the house felt so bare. At least the house was cleaner than before- just boring and plain. I was thinking about the beautiful […]

Authentic Pizza Crust

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Jan 212013
Authentic Pizza Crust

  This is what you make after opening a can of artichoke hearts last week for the Hanger Steak Salad- I hate wasting great ingredients… so this pizza came to life. I simply love good pizza, and homemade is always better (and healthier) than take out. We used my favorite crust- I got it from […]

A baker in training

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Jan 182013
A baker in training

What do you do when you want to eat a cookie, but don’t have the energy to prepare it? Have your daughter or aka baker in training make them for you! You still get all the benefits of a great cookie, and she get’s a little lesson in baking. Genius. Happy Baking!

Hanger Steak Salad

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Jan 142013
Hanger Steak Salad

I can always tell if a salad will be a keeper at my house if it has 2 particular things in it. Meat and substance. It also has a “Greek” flavor to it. My husband loves to eat healthy, but sometimes when you make a salad it can be lacking in substance. So this recipe […]

Let’s be realistic… it’s nesting time.

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Jan 112013
Let's be realistic... it's nesting time.

It’s only a matter of days…. before this bun in my oven is done. I’m done. Ready for the next phase, even if it involves less sleep. We have to be to that point, right? I was pondering the other day what it would be like to not be pregnant again… you know the things […]

Cashew Chicken

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Jan 072013
Cashew Chicken

Hold onto your hats! This recipe is yumm-o. We’re huge fans of rice with our Asian/Indian cuisine, but you could easily serve it over the roasted cauliflower if you wanted to cut out some carbs. I’m going to make this tonight. Cashew Chicken 3 chicken breasts, browned and cooked 1/2 small sweet onion, diced 2 […]

A new cookbook

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Jan 042013

I’m wrapping up a new cookbook- it’s scheduled to be out in August of 2013. It’s about holiday recipes… and it’s been so much fun to work on during these holiday months. I wish I could give you a sneak peak of the cover, but promise I’ll show it here first, as soon as I […]