A few cherished memories

 Posted by at 6:00 am on January 25, 2013
Jan 252013

While I was walking around Hobby Lobby trying to encourage some laboring, I collected these beautiful flowers in my cart somehow. I needed a little pick me up after taking Christmas down, the house felt so bare. At least the house was cleaner than before- just boring and plain.

I was thinking about the beautiful flower arrangement my husband (then boyfriend) had given me on the day we got engaged… a white flower arrangement unlike anything I had ever seen in my entire life. He proposed on New Year’s Eve.. and being pregnant and hormonal, I’ve been thinking about my most cherished memories these last few weeks.

This is a much smaller arrangement[ of what he gave to me… of course I couldn’t do a real replica (it would be over 4 feet tall!) I love it. I smile when I walk past it. The best decision I ever made was saying yes to the man I love!

Love you honey!

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  1. Did you take a picture of the flower arrangment that he gave you?

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