Let’s be realistic… it’s nesting time.

It’s only a matter of days…. before this bun in my oven is done. I’m done. Ready for the next phase, even if it involves less sleep. We have to be to that point, right? I was pondering the other day what it would be like to not be pregnant again… you know the things you start to miss after a while. Here’s my list.

Things I can’t wait to do again (after baby comes)

– eat with out nausea

– sleep without nausea

– wake up without nausea

– grocery shop without nausea

– bake and cook food again without being nauseated

– walk without nausea

– no heartburn… (but I won’t go into that)

I promise that there’s only one baby in there- although I look like there’s two. I’m smiling cause I’m almost done. I can’t believe I’m showing this to you all….. a permanent record of what I look like at the end of this pregnancy. Just keeping it real.

Thanks for being patient, as the next few weeks come around. I probably won’t blog too much…. but I will be sure to show pics of the little baby when he gets here!

Happy Baking! Happy Sleeping! Happy Nesting!