A depressing trend….


After spending $204 on groceries (meals for 1 1/2 weeks)… this is what my fridge looked like. Granted I had 2 gallons of milk still on the counter, but I am so depressed about this situation. I’m so sick of spending a lot of money on food, and getting nothing. I’m wondering what you all do? You can expect that my garden will be much bigger this year.

How do you spend your grocery money? Any tips to share?

Happy grocery shopping!

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  1. I have been feeling the same way lately! So I switched grocery stores to a local cheaper store – that alone saved me $100 in one month! Then, meal planning. It works well to plan your meals for the week. This way nothing you buy goes to waste (along with the $$). Last but not least, make big meals/double the meals. You can either freeze the other half to use later, or have leftovers for a couple nights. I’m thinking about trying freezer crock pot meals, seems very cost effective. One gal spent $146 for 36 meals that way. Good luck!!

  2. I keep our grocery bills in line by shopping the sales, knowing what to buy where, and being careful not to waste more than I need to. For example, I keep carrot, onion, and celery peelings and extra bits in a freezer bag, and I always freeze chicken carcasses, then every couple of months I use it all to make chicken stock, which I freeze. This means I always have good stock on hand, and I never have to spend money on canned broth.

  3. To cut down on waste, I stop at the store every few days for the freshest produce and meat. We only buy what’s on our grocery list! My husband and I don’t buy a lot of packaged goods, and we pretty much stick to essentials: fruit, vegetables, cereal, milk, and any other items that are in our normal work breakfast and lunch routine.

    Also, we buy what’s on sale. That mixes things up a bit, too, since you aren’t eating the same thing every week! That makes it easier to not waste food, actually having food around that we want to eat. To, we’ll have a “potluck” night — a night spent eating whatever is already in the apt.

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