Chinese Cashew Chicken

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Sep 272013
Chinese Cashew Chicken

Chinese Cashew Chicken. I had a ton of vegetables. The garden over groweth.  And a little chicken. I was bored of the same ole dinner, and was ready for a new recipes. And thus, this recipe was born. Plus, we were having a friend over for dinner, and he’s gluten free. Time to get creative […]


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Sep 232013

TRUTH. Happy Baking!

Chocolate Chip S’more Mookie

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Sep 192013
Chocolate Chip S'more Mookie

My favorite chocolate chip cookies + S’more + Muffin = A bite of heaven. I know it’s the end of summer, but we can make this awesome treat one more time before it’s turns cold. In fact, make them twice. I used the same Marshmallow frosting found here.And the chocolate chip cookie recipe is from […]

Can’t. Stop. Baking.

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Sep 162013
Can't. Stop. Baking.

What have I been doing now that the bigger kids are back to school? Besides chasing the little one around? Baking. Baking. Baking. I’m working on my new cookbook and it’s super fun. I’m trying my best to bring you the best recipes… some new and some classic… in a new and easy way. It’s […]

Salted Nutella Butter Bars

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Sep 122013
Salted Nutella Butter Bars

Did you happen to see Studio 5? If you missed this recipe, with lots of Nutella, be sure to go here. Now. Not in a few minutes, or tomorrow. But now. You will be glad you did. The End. Happy Baking! P.S. Sprinkle the Kosher salt on the top after baking evenly. (Sorry about the […]

Happy Holidays!

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Sep 092013
Happy Holidays!

It’s here! Happy Holidays! I’m so happy to announce and introduce you to my newest creation. 101 Gourmet Desserts for the Holidays. It’s available at: Barnes & Noble Amazon Deseret Book Cedar Fort   I was able to preview the book at the LDSBA dinner hosted by Cedar Fort… and I have to say, it’s […]

Brown Sugar Peaches and Cream Tart

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Sep 062013
Brown Sugar Peaches and Cream Tart

Utah peaches. Peaches. End of summer. I had to create a yummy dessert for us to enjoy. It is a requirement. A super easy treat for your BBQ this weekend. Or any weekend. I can’t get enough peaches, so I planted a peach tree last year. It’s been a little slow in growing, but I […]