Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups

 Posted by at 6:00 am on October 7, 2013
Oct 072013


I’m beginning to see a trend here. Chocolate chip something or something with Nutella on it. Don’t blame me. I blame the kids who help me by suggestions to use ingredients they love. And right now we can’t seem to get enough of the Nutella.

I was thinking I would save some money and get the generic version of Nutella- and you can see that it’s not totally smooth. Even though it said smooth on the packaging. Well, now I know. Only name brand. It’s like ketchup. I don’t skimp there either. Or peanut butter. Some things are better name brand. And that could be a whole blog post in a of itself. So back to these Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookie Cups.

Basically, my chocolate chip recipe in a small muffin tin- then frost with a generous dollop of Nutella. I love the word dollop. I feel like Martha Stewart when I use that term. I don’t know why. Anyway, these were gone fast. Real fast. Good thing I hid some in the microwave for the next day!

Happy Baking!

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