Bread Art- A Review

Bread Art

This book arrived on my doorstep and I literally jumped up and down with delight! I am first to admit that I’m in no way a bread making expert. In fact I can remember the first time I made homemade bread. I was in college, and missing home so much. I wrote my Grandma (snail mail- no email) to get her famous recipe for bread. Her home always smelled of homemade bread.  And thought it would be so easy. Needless to say, it was a doorstop. A brick of a loaf- and if I had thrown it out of our 3rd story apartment window, it would have surely killed anyone or anything in it’s path. I was really intimidated for years after that baking fail. And lately, I have gotten better, but usually leave the roll making to my friends and family. And I do the desserts. It’s a great deal. But I’d love to be more confident in the art of bread making.

But I know with the help and guidance of Stephanie, I can bake any type of bread. Even attempt bread art.

I made the Fans (p.84). And I should have taken a picture to show you how well I did. But I we ate them right out of the oven. Literally.

Stephanie has tips and tricks to make your bread art experience seamless. From no knead bread recipes to braided breads, herb breads, to fancy bread painting using natural colors and extracts. This book really has it all. I’m so excited to try more recipes and learn all I can to be successful at making homemade bread. From beginners to experts in bread making. There is so much great information- everyone will benefit from this cookbook.

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Happy Break Making!



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