Cherry and Peach Dessert Parfait

 Posted by at 6:00 am on May 14, 2014
May 142014



While I was wandering the baking section at Smiths last week, I came upon this new pie filling, and instantly I knew I needed a reason to buy it. So then my eye caught this instant Greek yogurt- Peach flavored, and I knew that I’d be making a parfait- a dessert parfait. I guess you could eat it for breakfast if you wanted. I won’t stop you.


Cherry and Peach Dessert Parfait

I can Tart Cherry and Sweet Peach pie filling (Kroger brand)

1- 4 oz. pkg. instant Peach Greek yogurt (made according to pkg. directions)

2 cups whipped cream, slightly sweetened plus 1 tbsp. cinnamon


Layer your ingredients starting with the peach yogurt. Then some granola, pie filling, sweetened cream flavored with the cinnamon cream and repeat at least 2x’s. This recipe will make 6 servings, using 6-8 oz. jars.

Happy Eating!

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