The Cake Boss cake mixes and frosting- A review


I saw this at the grocery store and I was intrigued. Of course I quickly decided on the Chocolate Trifecta cake mix. I’ve had a love affair with Carlo’s Bakery since my visit in June 2012. I’m dying to go back.

With high hopes, I made the cake, and decided to add my Ganache- because you can never have enough chocolate. Am I right?


I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was just a few steps- and the batter was rich with the addition of a chocolate custard. It baked up perfectly and was light and fluffy.


I used the frosting, in the middle of the 9″ layers and on top, and made sure there was Ganache both in the middle and on top as well. It was a great cake! In fact, we ate it all in 1 day. Rich, moist, and lots of chocolate. Dare I say that it tasted homemade? And over the years, I’ve made a ton of cakes with a cake mix. But a Carlo’s Bakery cake in your own home, is something I’m very exited about.  I will be trying the other flavors soon. And with a price point around $3.49, I’d say it’s worth it for a great boxed cake mix.

Happy Baking!

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  1. I love Cake Boss!!! What store did you find the mix at? All I can find is Michael’s and it’s about 6 bucks a box.

  2. I also tried the Trifecta mix but with the cream cheese frosting instead. I thought the cake mix was good, much better than your average box cake. I didn’t like the frosting though. I was really expecting to be able to frost a double layer cake with one tub of icing but I wound up just a single layer because there was no where near enough for a double layer. I actually had to heat the icing up a little first so I could even spread it without tearing the cake apart. As for taste, the cake tasted fine (I actually thought it was a little lacking in chocolate taste) but the icing is a different story. I could not get over how bitter the icing tasted. Almost like old butter, really inedible. Maybe the chocolate is better but as for the cream cheese? I think I’ll just keep making my own.

    1. The chocolate frosting was not very good. . .like adding a little cocoa powder to a tub of crisco. The price here was $4.99 for the cake mix and $4.99 for the frosting. No more for me.

  3. I remember on your shows that you used to say, if you eat chocolate cake or a brownie and she will need a glass of milk right away that the cake was dry. I made it for my husband for Valentine and and after one bite we needed a glass of milk!! it was very dry , and it was not due to me over cooking it! Because I said so at that stov eand when it was almost done, I checked it every 2 minutes. Just to make sure it was moist. The frosting did not cover the whole cake and I had to add Betty Crocker cake frosting to it!! and it was very hard to put on the cake! my husband loves chocolate cake and after one bite he said not to ever buy it again!! he said he would rather have Betty Crocker. And I agree!I also thought it had a funny taste… Sorry buddy, thumbs down! love your show!!

    1. I totally agree! Very disappointing..the cake was nice, the icing didn’t cover, as well as the icing smelled a bit like play dough. Here in BC, Canada, it was $15.00, not worth the effort.

  4. Would love to try cake boss cake mix ,but really want to now how lon to cook cake if using bundt pan?

  5. Thought the cake mix was OK, the vanilla frosting was awful!. I think a Duncan Heinz, or Betty Crocker mix would have been better. Not worth the $7 each for mix and frosting

  6. Baking this as I type. Making a coconut cake with Buddie’s white cake mix. I always doctor cake mixes so I used coconut milk for the water and butter for the oil. The batter looked so rich & it smells divine baking. I will be adding coconut flakes to the icing so this addition should spruse up the lackluster taste other reviewers commented on. Hopefully so as I am gifting it to a friend for his birthday. Will get back to you when I taste the finished product.

  7. I picked up the Viva vanilla frosting to do some fancy decorating on ice cream cake I made upon first taste it tasted like a lightly sweetened shortening and I’m sorry I didn’t just pick up some Betty Crocker frosting because this is the worst frosting I’ve ever tasted

  8. I thought that I would splurge and buy the $10 cake mix from micheals. I also bought the fondant as I’m making a suprise birthday cake for my daughter. I am extremely disappointed. I followed directions exactly and the cake came out flat. Now I have to go and buy a Duncan Heinz or Betty Crocker mix tomorrow. I will not be buying it again. Too bad, I was really excited to have a beautiful fluffy cake just like Buddy’s!

  9. My wife bought the Cream Cheese frosting because it seemed to have the most real ingredients of any of the store bought frostings.

    What a disappointment! all i could taste was icing sugar overload with a bad aftertaste. I would have been much happier eating any other brand.

  10. I need to know if Cake Boss cake mixes are peanut free. I have a grandson who is allergic to nuts and I wanted to make this cake. If you could please let me know I would appreciate it very much.

  11. I bought the primo yellow. I was very excited to be making a cake of buddys.I always alter box recipes but followed the directions exactly as recommended. It was as if it had too much liquid. It shrunk while cooling and it’s taste was bland at beat. It’s consistency was rubbery, not fluffy. I paid 5.99 and have had better results with Cakes that costs 1.25. Very disappointed.

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