Best Peanut Butter Brownies

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Jun 102014
Best Peanut Butter Brownies

Where can you find this recipe? That’s right. It’s in 101 Gourmet Cookies. Do you have that cookbook yet? There’s so many great recipes inside…. like this one. There’s a recipe for everyone. Literally. Gluten- Free. Check. Low- Fat/ Low-Sugar. Check. Traditional. Check. Vegan. Check. So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy […]

Today ONLY!

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Nov 212013
Today ONLY!

I will be participating in a fantastic holiday boutique tonight. There are so many great vendors, plus I will have each of my books there… and cupcakes.  Come by and say hi! It’s going to be amazing.

Happy Holidays!

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Sep 092013
Happy Holidays!

It’s here! Happy Holidays! I’m so happy to announce and introduce you to my newest creation. 101 Gourmet Desserts for the Holidays. It’s available at: Barnes & Noble Amazon Deseret Book Cedar Fort   I was able to preview the book at the LDSBA dinner hosted by Cedar Fort… and I have to say, it’s […]

More about NYC… and some great gelato.

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Jun 252012
More about NYC... and some great gelato.

Loved visiting Trinity Church- close to ground zero. My husband loved this history of this place, and I loved the old bell, the old headstones and the hydrangeas. Visiting ground zero was humbling and amazing at the same time. No matter what your beliefs or feelings are about the events that transpired on that ill-fated […]

And the winner is…..

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Jun 132012
And the winner is.....

I knew the night would be lucky, cause I wore my polka dots, pearls and had my lucky red purse too… It was the Cedar Fort Author Dinner… all the authors who published in 2011 (101 Gourmet Cake Bites) were invited to attend. I took Mr. Cupcake. We had a delicious dinner- the best peppered […]

Rainy, bubbly, New York.

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Jun 072012
Rainy, bubbly, New York.

Do you see the bubbles?  Yes, I do too… sometimes it rains in New York. And it happened to rain the day we went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. And by rain, I mean the heavens opened up and water flooded the streets. I washed these shoes before we came to New […]

New York City, here I come!

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Jun 022012
New York City, here I come!

I’m heading to New York City today- Can’t wait to take in all the sights, food and people. I’m going with my publisher to BEA- a big book convention. I’ll be doing some signings while I’m there- be sure to check in on my facebook page. If you are not following me, why don’t you? […]

Home Spring and Garden Festival

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Mar 062012

I’m quite sure I’m not the only one with Spring Fever- I’m so excited to be back at the Home Spring and Garden Festival! It will be held at the South Towne Expo Center, March 8-11, 2012. I will be at the Macy’s Main Cooking stage at the following times. Thursday, March 8th, 7 pmFriday, […]

Highlights from the Spokane Book Tour

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Nov 182011
Highlights from the Spokane Book Tour

I love playing with my adorable nieces. It was a delight- even when they came and woke me up before 7 am each morning! Here’s me and Maggie Fetchner- who wrote the book Growing Up Gracie at our signing at The Brass Plates…. I would have fixed my sweater, it looks horrible- but I didn’t […]