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  1. Hi Wendy,
    I purchased your cupcake book last Christmas and have been slowly working my way through it, making each cupcake. I have a large fan club due to the success of your recipes- I have been baking over the weekend and bringing the cupcakes in to my work for everyone to enjoy- and enjoy they do! I wanted to thank you for such great and simple recipes that taste so great!

  2. I am having a big party & planning to make 3 different cupcakes from your book, tomorrow, to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. My question is this: I want to make the Cookie Dough cupcake (pages 48-49). the recipe says 1 box chocolate cake mix, but, the photo looks like you used either yellow or white cake mix. What kind of cake mix should I use? Also- for the garnish- the recipe says to top the cupcakes with mini chocolate chips, but, the photo looks like you topped the cupcake with diced raw cookie dough. Am I correct?


    1. You could decorate with cookie dough or mini chocolate chips- either is great. Also, I usually buy whatever cake mix is on sale, I’m cheat like that. Happy Baking!

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